Nancy D'Lynn
Divine Intersection

Divine Intersection is a "true" story. Not in the sense that it is an actual description of actual events, but in the sense that the characters feel real and deal with circumstances that everyone has firsthand knowledge of. Loss, regret, fear, and yet endurance in the face of hoplessness are things that we all experience.

At the lowest points in their lives, three people find each other in a brief, wonderful accident that they can neither understand nor explain. But, they realize that not all miracles need to be quantified and that one single event can change your entire life. Divine Intersection is a distinctive fiction novel full of suspense, action, humor, heart and healing. The setting, the mountains of North Carolina, is both vibrant and inviting, painting captivating pictures in your mind. They provide the perfect place to find solace and outrun demons both figurative and corporeal. The main characters are genuine and charming and soon become family in your heart, while the villians are intense and yet charismatic (even if it is only in their own minds).

All in all, Divine Intersection gives you an escape from everyday life, the oppurtunity to lose yourself in a story....... and another place to call home.
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